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April2 005
“I love you!”

April2 008
Reading a story to sister.

march30 025
march30 026
march30 027
march30 028
march30 029
Vogue? Strike a pose?

You may have noticed we seem to spend a lot of time on our little porch. It’s important that we get outside several times a day. Trouble is we live on a 4 lane street that connects 2 highways. And there is a FedEx distribution center at one end. And the undeveloped lots (one at each end of the street) are also un-sidewalked. There is a playground.
March31 002
But we have to cross those 4 lanes of heavy traffic to cross it. Here, Baby Girl will show you.
April2 001
Every other time we go to cross some sweet soul (bless them) stops to let us cross. There’s a cross walk so I think *technically* drivers are supposed to stop for pedestrians. However I would bet that whoever thought that up did not intend it for streets that were traveled at the speeds or by the large vehicles that wiz by our place. Each and every time someone has stopped to let us cross there has very nearly been an accident. And that is why we keep to the porch as much as we do. (And I’m sitting there as I post this, trying to keep the Crazy Baby from standing on the table.)

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2 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real} – porch edition

  1. Lindsey says:

    Love the poses. 🙂

  2. Cute little ones! Porches are lifesavers! We moved out of NYC not too long ago, and one main reason was because my 3rd child thought it was funny to run into the street (not matter the punishment at the time–it’s amazing he’s still alive). I totally get where you are coming from. And I’m so happy you have/use your porch! 🙂

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