Yarn Along

Ta-da! I never thought I would finish an adult sized garment. Well here it is. Please excuse the kinda lame picture – the only place to lay it flat-ish to dry was on a repurposed crib rail in my closet. Quite clever but not very good for pictures (or ventilation, it is taking forever to dry.) But I am extremely pleased with how it has turned out. It was a delightful knit and I can’t wait to sent it off as a big wooly hug.
april9 022
(The pattern is the Shalom Cardigan. I didn’t do much blocking, just attempted to make it symmetrical. The button is actually made from coconut!)
april9 024

As for reading, my great stack grew and at least two of my library books have other holds on them so I wont be able to renew them. I’m really enjoying Alice’s Piano, if “enjoy” is the right verb for such a heartbreaking story. Shirt of Flame is a little tougher for me. I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m really not a fan of St Therese. In fact I find her to be a bit of a spoiled brat. (Are you scandalized?) Now, that’s not to say she doesn’t have some good sound bites. There is so much that can be taken from her (and her sisters since they edited her writing, supposedly a great deal.) But I find it as no surprise that her fellow sisters at Carmel were less than pleasant to her – she weaseled her way into the convent, against the rules, and her two older sisters essentially took turns as prioress.  (Have I offended anyone yet?) Anyway, I want to finish it because I really am getting some good insights out of it. But she just annoys me so much! (Luckily I think that is one of the books that does not have any holds so I’ll probably end up renewing it just to get through it all.)

Happy Wednesday! Happy Yarn Along!

I know some are curious as to how the pattern fits as written. Well, I did take a somewhat unflattering picture before I washed it. I am a solid medium, 36 bust with Aunt Mary’s linebacker shoulders. Obviously this was not written for me but I think it wouldn’t take all that much math to adjust it for myself. And a little blocking might help.
april9 011


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9 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    It’s beautiful! and where on earth did you find a coconut button, or did you make it? I think the recipient is going to be over the moon with happiness when they open up their package 🙂

    • *kate says:

      I searched for natural buttons on joanns.com. The wool is an alpaca blend and it needed something similarly funky if you will to compliment the texture.

  2. What a great spring cardi! And using the crib rail is brilliant, I might have to steal that idea!

  3. I love the sweater and I know the person you are gifting it to will love it as well.

  4. Donna says:

    It looks great! Congrats on finishing your first adult sized sweater. The button is beautiful!

  5. heathermama says:

    your shalom looks amazing!

  6. Huh, I thought it looked just fine on you.

  7. Looks great! I knit the shalom last year, I love mine, and really need to knit it again, such a fun knit.

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