Yarn Along

I’ll have you know, sweet friends, that I stayed up late last night just for you. So that I could finally finish that sleeve to show you today. And yes but “late” I mean 9:40. But it is finished. Should only take another 6 months to finish the second at that rate. (And look, one of last week’s dishcloths even managed to find a way into the picture.) I also did some work on the Epic scarf. It met with a little misfortune, which I suppose was bound to happen at some point. Baby Girl threw herself into me, knocking about 8 stitches off the needles. And being lace were a royal pain to pick up and I am sure they are not correct. But there are the right number and so I say onward! It’s an epic scarf, a little character wont hurt it much.

Reading has been a bit scattered this week. I started Pride and Prejudice. And The Amish Bride (not really purposely, the hold came through so I only have 2 weeks to read it. And it certainly wont take that long.) And Drawing with Children since Bigger will be finished with the school year next week and the boys and I are going to learn to draw this summer. And The Little Oratory to study along at In the Heart of my Home. And the Soul Gardening Journal that arrived last week. And I pulled out The Happiest Toddler on the Block to try to help Little Miss Opinionated learn to not shriek like a banshee share her displeasure so very loudly.

Happy Wednesday! Happy Yarn Along!


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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8 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    oh the sacrifices you make for us…..truly a labor of love 🙂 Great sweater and I’m sure you will finish it before the six months is up. I hope 🙂

  2. Lorraine says:

    Beautiful work, it takes what it takes to finish as long as you enjoy doing it. Have a great week.

  3. Heather says:

    I would say 9:40 is late 🙂 I love Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorite books! I might need to take a look at that happiest toddler book…happy knitting!

  4. Donna says:

    Thank you for staying up late for our benefit. It is much appreciated! And your sweater looks great. That pattern really challenged me. I too dropped a few stitches and it was a bugger to pick back up!

  5. Yay! You finished the sleeve! It looks wonderful! (Could I possibly use any more exclamation points?!) 🙂 xo

  6. wstyrsky says:

    Yes! That is past my bedtime as well! But it is beautiful !!!

  7. Yay, Kate! You can do eet!

  8. Cathie J says:

    Beautiful knitting. I love the sweater!

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