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I’m working on habits this year. Right now I’m working on starting my day well – up for a morning walk (alone, because walking with the kidlets seems to be more exercise for my patience than for my legs) and after showering, feeding the kidlets, and starting up the computer this is the next step – tea, prayer, and Scripture on the porch. It was even prettier this morning with my breakfast companion. Oh, there she is, back for another bite.

One morning when I came back from my walk and they were ready to go swimming. So happy about their new life jackets (and thank God for that because without them I would not be  taking the Crazy Baby to the pool.) Seriously, I walked in the door and the kid on the right was entirely decked out to go in the pool. At 6:40 in the morning.

“Here baby, let me help you with that.” (Thanks again to the WeatherMan for his eye for flattering photography.)
“Yeah, hands off my cone there Mama.”

Perhaps a solution to our 2 hour bedtimes?


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2 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. karen says:

    Your good habits sound a lot like my good habits 🙂 Nice to have that alone time!! Love the life jacket photos 🙂

  2. The kids in their swim gear that early is so funny. Why not mom??:)

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