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Man, I really need this today. Yesterday my day started not much after 3am with Baby Girl who wanted to nurse. I got her back to bed around 3:40 and she was back again shortly after 4. I got her to sleep again by laying down with her in the bed but once again just before 5:30 she was insistent. My usual rule is to give in after 5am so up we got and settled on the couch. I got her into another bed just before my alarm should have gone off to get up for my morning me-time walk.

Later, on our way home from the park, the boys got into it. I had Baby Girl on my hip and the boys both held onto my left hand. And punched each other with their free hands. In the middle of the crosswalk. On our 4 lane street. It wasn’t even 10am.


The WeatherMan dealt with bedtime last night so I could catch a break. I took that time to dutifully deal with leftovers and dishes and to cut fabric for some summery napkins. And perhaps a table runner or some such with the trimmings.

Another evening, the Whos were a-snooze, the WeatherMan out for a run. Just me, some knitting, some cookies, and Pride and Prejudice. Ahh.

Now, she didn’t find it funny but… This was her reaction to being told (by her oldest brother) to get back away from his science experiment. Needless to say she got to take part in the fun.
I’m with you, Little Dude, it’s crazy to mess with the Crazy Baby.

Mama’s helper. I’m not sure she would have cared except that it was purple yarn and bedtime.

There, that feels a little better. A little something to hold onto to get through another day. (That only started at 4:20 – that’s an improvement.)
And this is my 600th post.  Fancy that! 🙂


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2 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. karen says:

    glad that you caught some “me” time during the busy day! Great views of your life 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    I love the picture with your little yarn helper. So darn cute! And I had to chuckle as you described the boys punching each other – such a typical mom moment! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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