Yarn Along

I’ve gotten a little work done on my February Lady this week. Not much but progress. Because you see, since last week’s Yarn Along we found out we’re moving. (We were already supposed to move but now moving hundreds of mile is very different than moving 10 minutes away.) And we’re moving far – back to the northeast. I ❤ NY! Never fear, the FLS is safely packed and I’ve picked a road trip project.

(New project here if you’re curious.)

Reading is still the same, Sherlock Holmes and Parenting with Grace. I should probably get a good bit of knitting and reading time in the next week. We leave Texas Thursday and we’re vacationing our way north. I hope I’ll be able to post from the road, I’m sure that Epic Road Trip 3.0 will indeed be epic.

Happy Wednesday! Happy Yarn Along!

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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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13 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Joanne says:

    Safe travels, Kate. You’ll be here for “last Sunday”! Hope you’ll be able to join us. You know we’ll have lots of questions.

  2. karen says:

    Oh MY!! congrats on the move 🙂 I am happy you will be in the north east 🙂 Good luck with the move.

  3. alisa says:

    That’s a big move….safe travels and happy travel knitting!!!

  4. Laura says:

    That’s quite a move. Your will need a lot of knits. Good luck in NY!

  5. Leigh says:

    Safe travels to you, glad to know the FLS is all packed up and ready to go 😉

  6. That’s quite a difference in moves! Travel safely.

  7. Donna says:

    You’re moving back to my home state! I only moved a few states away to RI years ago, but a move is a move so knit your way through the stress!

  8. greenfreaks says:

    have a great trip! your FLS looks great, love that color.

  9. CathieJ says:

    You are moving to where I live…..or at least the same state. I am on Long Island. Good luck with the long distance move. Enjoy the trip and the knitting.

  10. Sarah says:

    How exciting and stressful to be moving somewhere you love! I hope you have safe travels and get lots of knitting done to help you take deep breaths!

  11. have a great holiday – and the most of that travelling time!

  12. bookwormmary says:

    Good luck with your move! Hopefully you will have many peaceful hours to work on your projects 🙂

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