Yarn Along

Only a day behind, not bad 🙂 And I’ve actually been knitting (and stitching.) I finally got a life line in and a repeat of the lace pattern done on the second sleeve of my FLS. If I could get just a couple repeats in a day I could finish in a week. Not in time for my birthday but still in February and in under two years. I also cast on a dishcloth because all but one of mine are missing. I wonder what happened to them. Or if they will turn up again…


My reading is a reread (thanks to unpacking and finding things!) The Songcatcher by Sharyn McCrumb. And I just figured out (because I bothered to Google it) that there are several in the series I haven’t read yet. They’re great historical fiction – “the Ballad novels are a series of books set in the mountains, weaving together the legends, natural wonders and contemporary issues of Appalachia.” I highly recommend them.

Happy Thursday! Happy Yarn Along! (Maybe I can get that project basket tidied up by next week. But I wouldn’t count on it!)


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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4 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Ah lovely! I’d love to learn to knit with 3 needles! is it hard? it always looks so confusing. I just finished my first knitted project, a cable knit baby jumper!x

    • *kate says:

      It isn’t terribly complicated, it just takes getting used to. But I’ll admit I’m paranoid about dropping stitches off one of the non working needles.

  2. Lilly's Mom says:

    Your sweater looks lovely. The yarn is beautiful!

  3. look at all the crafting you are doing? the sweater looks great and is coming along. Won’t be long now.

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