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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
At Like Mother, Like Daughter

This week has been horribly miserable and I can’t even have a brownie. (That’s a long part of an even longer story, I’ll get to it sometime. Maybe.) So I am in desperate need of some contentment in everyday life.

Pretty little dancer’s feet.
I assist the teacher of the Girl’s dance class. (It’s time for some new blog names, I think.) She loves it… but only if I’m there dancing with her. Which is part of how I got the assistant gig. The other part is that 7 2-4 year olds with tap shoes is a messy business.

We had our first visitors to our new bird feeder. We loved watching a little flock of chickadees each taking their turn at the feeder.

“There a lotta dust, mama.”
Mama asked for a Dust Buster for Christmas. Everyone loves it. And you should hear her say mama. I’m starting to think she’s sneaking behind my back and watching Downton Abbey.

Speaking of Christmas…
With Lent in 3 weeks (now that’s real for ya) I should really get these down.


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A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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