Yarn Along

About that knitting… I finally put in a life line and got big and brave to start the chart. What was holding me back was that I couldn’t see how it would work out in terms of the numbers. The number of stitches on needles and the number in the chart I just couldn’t make work. But sometimes that happens because I just can’t figure it out and not because there is a problem. Sadly that wasn’t the case here. I’m not sure what I’ll do about it. It’s a lovely shawl but I’m not sure what is going on.

The next pattern I was going to work on got lost. A friend had emailed me the pattern (actually a translation of it) and thanks to an email malfunction it’s gone. A friend posted some pictures of cabled cowls yesterday on Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to make one for her. So I’m digging through my stash to find a color she might like.

But in the meantime I’ve been itching to knit. I think it will help me a lot right now to be knitting. So last night I cast on the same shawl I’ve already had to set aside in some pink yarn I had to make a shawl (of some sort, obviously not the one on hold) for the Girl who was stealing mine at church on Sunday. And I’ll admit I’m making her one not because she wants one but because I was having minor panic attacks every time she pulled mine off of me and wrapped herself in it. All that lovely lace can’t possibly stand up to the strength of this girl.


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9 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Alina says:

    Lovely knitting! Have you tried contacting the designer of the shawl? Or maybe those who already finished it? I am sure they can help!

  2. Heather says:

    I haven’t ever knit from a chart before – it scares me too much! Lovely yarn colors 🙂

  3. Jayne says:

    I love shawl knitting – very soothing. And I loved the book you have there – it was really interesting.

  4. Sarah says:

    Don’t you hate when stuff just doesn’t work out and that means knitting gets put on hold? I’ve learned I need to always have something even if it’s a silly dishcloth just to give me something. My brain needs it. Love all the different colors of your yarn!

  5. vickie says:

    I think that little girl will be very happy to have her own shawl. I feel the same way about knitting, just knit! Even if it something simple like a scarf.

  6. I rarely put in lifelines, but I love to live on the edge of my seat. I hope you find that missing email pattern – technology only goes so far!!

  7. Marny CA says:

    When doing an intricate design, my suggestion is to use a lifeline. Nothing lost by doing so but a lot of stitching can be lost if a lifeline is not used. I learned the hard way with a celtic cable pattern. But I also don’t mind frogging and redoing – it’s yet another form of learning.

    Using a chart — well, only suggestion I have would be to start on something with a minimal of stitches … follow each direction and each square … and lightly mark off with a pencil what you’ve done.

    If you have to frog, it’s a learning process — sort of like learning to drive a car. Practice makes perfect.

    What does the shawl look like?

  8. Kathy B says:

    It is rare why the chart knitting bug bites me….but when it does! look out!
    I have to really concentrate and focus. SOmetimes that feels soooo good. Escapism!

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