Yarn Along

Well, I finished a shoulder (do chickens really have shoulders?) on my chicken sweater. That’s progress. I need to reverse for the other side (as if that’s not at least as intimidating as “divide for neck”) and then I think the rest of it should be quick. That neck shaping has really put me off. Or I guess I should say I’ve put it off. Goals: finish the neck today and finish the rest by the weekend. I can do it! 🙂

Thankfully reading is more straight forward. At the moment it’s Daybreak by Shelley Shepard Gray because I’m a sucker for Amish fiction and this is a new (to me) author. And mom brought me another Andrew Greeley (but I’m trying to finish up the library books first because I’m a good girl like that. Or at least know my limits even if I don’t always play by them.)


Happy Wednesday! Happy Yarn Along!

About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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7 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Donna Fiore says:

    I haven’t read any Amish fiction in a while. I have one book I need to finish. I’ll have to add yours to my list.

  2. fibrefallout says:

    I can;t wait to see your finished chicken sweater!!! How fun!!!

  3. I’m sure chickens have shoulders, don’t they !?!?! 😛

  4. Lisa says:

    cluck cluck! Chicken shoulders? That wing bone has to fit in somewhere 🙂

  5. Angela says:

    Love your chicken sweater! Great color!

  6. if a chicken doesn’t have a shoulder he/she will now 🙂 lovely knitting progress!

  7. I’m really enjoying you knitting a chicken sweater! Who needs TV?!

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