Yarn Along

Some knitting has happened. Some weird errors have been corrected. Not perfectly but still fixed which is better than having to start over. I’m trying to trust the pattern that it will turn out right which is challenging. Even having made Baby Surprise Jackets before I’m not sure this is gonna go the way I want it to. (For one thing the adult size is the formula for the pattern not the line by line instructions, which I definitely prefer about the BSJ.)

Some reading has also happened. Yesterday I finished Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister and enjoyed it. Little bits here and there on the various non-fictions I have going, maybe I should buckle down and finish one (or two) this week.


Happy Wednesday! Happy Yarn Along!

About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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3 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. caffeinegirl says:

    I know a lot of knitters who gave up on the Baby SJ, so I admire you for taking on the adult version!

  2. love your baby surprise jacket and you are doing it!! yay!! I want to try that pattern..

  3. adelightfulglow says:

    Your yarn is pretty! I too question the turn out of some of my projects. 🙂

    The book sounds interesting!

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