The blur that was November










It’s December? How did that happen? I’m trying to slow down, to savor those little moments of peace, joy, and beauty but life still feels like a whirlwind. There really is peace, joy, and beauty that surrounds us each day. Some days it’s just harder to see. Or maybe harder to acknowledge.

It’s challenging to be selective in our commitments and to not succumb to the distractions that seep in. There is so much going on. There is so much noise. There is so much clutter – not just the stuff that the kids leave randomly throughout the house but the stuff that is strewn about the world trying to get out attention, trying to get our time, trying to get our money, trying to get our emotions.

I made a conscious effort last month to walk more and be more mindful of my walking. The Littler Boy made his First Reconciliation at a beautiful prayer service for his class. It snowed a heavy thick snow which thrilled the kids and got them outside to shovel, throw, build, and romp. We hosted our first Thanksgiving in our house. Our visit to Thanksgiving at the Farm continued a tradition of many years.

Now how to I continue to be mindful? How do I block out the clamor? How do I teach my children to manage their expectations and their emotions? Today was a rough day. But tomorrow is another. And I’m sure I wont accomplish everything on my to-do list tomorrow either. So what? I’ll finish cutting the fabric for our quilt and I’ll read Advent stories and history stories. I’ll play music and dance around the house. I’ll spend a few quieter hours in my office making plans for some fun. It’s a challenge for sure. But I know we can create a beautiful existence. I just have to take the time to notice.


About *kate

A mama looking for a little piece of peace in her day.
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1 Response to The blur that was November

  1. with a house of small children I think it’s hard to find the quiet. however one hour of quiet a day is a success!!

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