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The blur that was November

It’s December? How did that happen? I’m trying to slow down, to savor those little moments of peace, joy, and beauty but life still feels like a whirlwind. There really is peace, joy, and beauty that surrounds us each day. … Continue reading

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Morning, noon, night

Three(ish) peeks at our day. Because otherwise it’s so easy to miss them. Morning, 8:36am “7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 6… 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 6…” Both noon, 3:20pm Night, 7:42pm

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New Year’s…

thoughts? ideas? wishes? I don’t much care for resolutions. They’re full of good intentions but we all know what road they pave. No, I would much rather find a way to make some changes without a ride in a handbasket. … Continue reading

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Mama needs a time out

Not that she’s guilty of any major infractions, other than being in a foul mood.  It’s hot – our A/C isn’t put in yet.  I’m tired – the boys and I didn’t sleep well last night and were up ridiculously early.  I’m … Continue reading


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In the evening

There is a moment in the evening when the thumping and bumping, jumping and yapping has quieted.  The toys are in their baskets and books are on the shelves.  Blankets are folded and pillows grace the couch.  All the spots … Continue reading

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