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Monday before Christmas Musings

Right now… the kids are squeaking happily and eating Cheerios. I’m trying to get a few things done before I get everything else that needs to be done before noon done. This weekend… was, ya know, crazy. The WeatherMan had … Continue reading

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Monday Musings

Right now… I’m cranky and not having a good day. This weekend… was a difficult re-entry. But we did make it to Mass Sunday which was nice. Some plans for the week… it’s the first of the month and I … Continue reading

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Working on it

There is never enough time, is there? I feel like I have a million and a half things going and no time to do anything. But there really are things I’m working on and there really are things I’m accomplishing. … Continue reading

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Some solutions

Since there are times I do a lot of complaining around here I thought I would share some of the solutions I’ve found.  One of the problems I face is being hungry pretty much all the time.  Yet I find … Continue reading

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The end of the project

I didn’t get the job.  It’s kinda bittersweet.  I am obviously sad.  Can’t try to say “I don’t care” with a shrug – if I didn’t care I wouldn’t have gone through all that applicaition and interview.   It would have been a … Continue reading


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